Monument Cycling gets an upgrade

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Welcome to the newest addition to Monument Cycling’s growing community! There’s nothing better than an announcement of free features introduced for your benefit. We’ve been dreaming of this for several months now and we’ll be polishing our ideas as we go. Hopefully, you’ll join us for the ride to help guide and shape the future.

So, where are we going with this? News, results, opinions, and events – a one stop shop for everything you want from the UK’s domestic cycling scene. 

We saw the ‘downfall’ of British racing in late 2018, but it wasn’t a sentiment we shared; there’s a burgeoning cycling scene in the UK that often goes unnoticed. Women’s cycling is on the rise, Gran Fondos have finally come to the UK, and a young generation of cyclists have a strong platform on social media that goes beyond the old guard’s reach. New teams and races are blossoming, yet the sport still feels marginalised. With your help, we’ll build it from within and sing its praises.

We dream of providing a space for the domestic riders to reach out to the wider community; for that young lad racing around the roads of the UK, up the slopes of his own Hoggenberg, to have a voice. This is about broadcasting established and emerging cycling to the world – telling its stories from a perspective that enriches the traditional viewpoints, while still bringing something new to the table.

Celebrate something new with us each week; the plan is to publish a feature piece every Saturday, with results and extras as they happen. This is a sport we all love, and one we have all helped to build in our own way. Enjoy the ride.

P.S. We’re open to all-comers, so feel free to keep us informed of your latest news and achievements! You’ll find all the details on how to submit your stories on the Monument Cycling Community page.