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4 February 2019

There’s an odd dichotomy to cycle racing – it’s a team sport with only one winner. Often seen as a solitary affair, only one rider basks in the glory of crossing the finish line in first place. For many, the simple act of cycling can be a meditative moment alone with their thoughts. But it isn’t always like this.

Monument Cycling was born out of a love for cycling and the community that surrounds it. After abandoning my last race, frustrated and burned out, I still couldn’t step away from the sport – I had spent a decade of my life within the UK’s domestic cycling scene, building friendships, bonds, and attachments to its competitors and idiosyncrasies. It was those friendships and the tales interwoven with them that really kept me going through the years, which might go some way to explaining my drive to create a real community around Monument Cycling.

Friends. Teammates. Old managers. Competitors. They have supported me and now I want to tell their stories.

However, I know that there’s more to this community than my own experiences, and that’s why I want to help others to tell their stories too. I’m calling for your contributions – what story do you want told? Whether it is a race result, a supporter’s appreciation, or something else that you feel deserves recognition, let’s get it heard.

We’ll be using #monumentcc each week to choose a theme or story to tell and we’re inviting you to tag us with that hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or email community@monumentcycling.com with anything that interests you.

I’m really excited to see where this leads in 2019, and I’m looking forward to helping to report the things that really matter to you.