The Hog Hill League

2 May - 18 July

The City at dusk. Summer evenings with a view. Thursday night racing is the lifeblood of competitive cycling in London. As other races come and go, the beat of weekly events for riders of all abilities pumps away in the background, providing a safe environment for the professionals to hone their craft, and the hobbyists to have their day. The Hog Hill League brings everyone together for the love of sport.


A world class facility

The Redbridge Cycling Centre is the Olympic Legacy in bricks and mortar. A traffic-free 2km race track, seven possible route variations, and purpose built facilities including changing rooms, meeting rooms, and a cafeteria. If you wanted somewhere to race bikes in London, you couldn't ask for more.


Every Thursday evening from 2 May to 18 July.

There are three races at each meet, catering for all Senior and Junior categories, as well as Youth riders with special dispensation.



You can enter online via the British Cycling website until 20:00 the night before each race. Alternatively, you can enter on the day.

You can take advantage of pre-entry prices on the BC website. Save 25% and guarantee your ride in the race; we only have room for 100 riders and we hate having to turn people away.


18:30  - Sign on opens

19:10   - Sign on closes

19:30  - E/1/2 race begins (duration: 70 minutes)

19:31   - Women's race begins (duration: 55 minutes)

19:32  - 3/4 race begins (duration: 55 minutes)

Riders will be notified when there are five laps remaining, and lapped riders may be taken off the circuit for safety in the closing kilometres.