Who we are


Monument Cycling started off as a pipe dream, sketched on a notepad. Now, those ideas are coming to life. Owen Lake and Arron Voice are bringing their love of cycling to the places that mean the most to them, whether that’s a roadside in Essex, or the burgeoning community that supports the UK’s domestic cycling scene.

Monument Cycling is a hub for cycling events, fondos, and races. You’ll also find the latest news and entertainment for the UK’s domestic cycling scene.

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After a few years of racing bikes and studying for a law degree, I came to a crossroads: qualify as a solicitor and work in the city for the rest of my life, or pack it all in and try to do something I loved. I chose the latter, and here we are! It may be an overworked phrase, but Monument Cycling is about giving back to the community that has shaped who I am.



An early interest in photography led me to study it at college. While there, I was swallowed up by the Cambridge and London fixed gear scene. I’ve always ridden my bike for the love of it, and 10 years later I’ve moved onto the road scene! For me, it’s all about capturing the emotion in cycling - the grit, determination, and drama that’s found in every ride.